Supreme Studio XR LED Virtual production wall is a one-stop solution for almost any production needed. XR LED wall allows you to create unique locations in one room for executing all kinds of ideas for music videos, movies, advertisements, TV shows, online broadcasts. In combination with BOLT Camera Robot you can not only do stunning locations, but also use unreal movement of the camera for great shots.

This is one of the world’s leading technology for film studios, which has already revolionized the film industry.

LED walls are almost as digital green screen with superb lighting and new sets of creative environments and content, even in real time.

LED screens is a complex work of many teams, including the director himself, production team, post production team, space arranging team and decorators, make-up personnel, stages maintenance specialists and many more.


The Diamond LED series delivers exceptionally vivid colors and brightness.

  • 2.60mm Pixel Pitch
  • 1500 nits Max Brightness
  • 140 degrees Viewing Angle
  • SMD 1515 Black LED Configuration


  • Full 4k output per unit
  • 60Hz Refreshrate
  • 12 bits per colour output
  • HDR and Dynamic Calibration
  • Ultra Low Latency
  • Custom Frame Remapping


  • 10G Data Distribution
  • Long Distance Control
  • Ease of use


  • 4k Tracking Quality
  • Invisible Tracking Markers
  • Fiberoptics Connection
  • Easy Rig Solutions
  • Ultra Low Latency
Unreal LED by Supreme Studio


  • Full Compatability and Integration with Unreal Engine
Unreal LED by Supreme Studio


Q: What is the closest distance between camera and virtual production set of Supreme Studio?

A: Supreme Studio is using ROE Diamond series LED panels with 2.6mm pixel pitch. The closest distance between camera and XR LED Virtual production stage may vary from 3 to 8 meters depending on the project and camera settings.

Q: How far can the camera be moved away from the Supreme Studio LED screen?

A: Supreme Studio virtual production LED screen is 4m high. The maximum distance may vary depending on parameters of the lenses and settings of the camera. At our place, the camera may be moved as far as 16 meters away from the screen.

Q: What is the resolution of Supreme Studio XR LED Wall Panels?

A: Each ROE Diamond panel has 192x192 pixels. The total Virtual Wall resolution is 4608 by 1536 pixels, which can be easily handled by our Brompton processors. At this moment Brompton Technology is the world's best processing solution for LED video walls.

Q: Is it necessary to use additional lights with LED Wall for Virtual Production?

A: Supreme Studio Virtual Stage and top Ceiling panels have maximum brightness of 1500 nits. In most cases, this brightness should be enough to lighten a car, or a small scene in real time.

Q: Is it possible to use BOLT Cinema robot with LED video wall?

A: Definitely yes. You will get all advantages from Supreme XR Cave in combination with the precise movements of the Bolt Robot Arm.

Q: Is it possible to make instant adjustments to the XR LED screen scene?

A: It is possible, due to the flexibility of Unreal Engine LED wall. Unreal Engine software allows to make slight adjustments in color, lighting, or even position of the objects during the shooting process in real time.

Q: In what kind of projects can the LED Virtual production pipeline be used?

A: There are already many cases of application, in which XR Virtual production was used, such as: broadcasting of news, weather, or TV shows. Nowadays XR Virtual production is widely used in production of music videos, movies, advertising videos, events coverage and many more.

Q: Is the shape of LED wall virtual production screen customizable?

A: Yes, LED panels Virtual Production screen can be customized in width or length, depending on the configuration of required scene.

Q: What does XR or xR stands for?

A: XR or xR means Extended Reality. Extended Reality technology is merging physical and virtual worlds. Extended Reality is a next generation process in film industry, broadcasting, live events. XR enables to deliver Augmented Reality (AR) or Mixed Reality (MR) within studio space. Mixed Reality (MR) is a combination of camera tracking with real-time rendering to create desired virtual environment, which can be seen live and can be shot in camera. High resolution LED screens allow the actors to immerse in virtual environments. Camera tracking technology enables the content on LED screens to be generated in real time and be rendered from the point of view of the camera.

Q: Where is Supreme Studio located?

A: Supreme Studio is located in Bangkok, Thailand. Simply write "Supreme Studio" on Google Maps or follow the map at Contact Us page.

Q: Does Supreme Studio accepting jobs across Thailand?

A: Supreme Studio is the only all-in-one studio in Bangkok and whole Thailand. Almost every job can be done at the facilities of Supreme Studio.


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