Modern sound design is all about creating a vivid and rich soundscape in any visual content for movies, TV, radio or music. To enhance the psychological impact on the listener, our studio is engaged in the construction of soundscape, recording, mixing and mastering of musical and audio works. The studio has state-of-the-art hardware and digital software at its disposal. SUPREME AUDIO PRODUCTION STUDIO — We create pictures that can be heard!

Music Production (OST)

Music production is a fascinating, resource-intensive and expensive process, which involves not only music performers or specialists of various professions, but also scientists and engineers.

When working on any visual series, specially written exclusive music is used as an element of influence. Today the production of music and OST (music for films, advertising, animation and others) is the most painstaking and time-consuming process in sound recording production, which includes:

  • Writing a melodic line of a piece
  • Arrangement of parts of musical instruments
  • Recording of musical instruments and vocal parts
  • Editing of recorded audio material
  • Processing with special software and devices
  • Mixing of recorded material
  • Final mastering of a piece of music

Post production (PP)

In filmmaking, post-production audio is the creation and processing of sound in sync with a moving picture. This is different from the production sound that is recorded during filming. Most of the aspects of motion picture sound take place in post-production, everything is done after filming. Post production is ADR, Foley, SFX, OST, MIXING & MST.

  • Selection of audio effects
  • Selection and editing of a scale degree
  • Editing of recorded audio material
  • Recovery of low-quality or old records
  • Processing of multitrack audio with special software and electronic devices
  • Mixing of multitrack audio, recorded material
  • Recording of actors and announcers in the studio
  • Recording of actors on the set
  • Recording audio material on the set
  • Recording of audio material in a prepared audio studio
  • Re-recording of actors in the studio (lip sync)

Sound Design (SFX)

Sound design is the recording, creation, transformation and imposition of sound effects and background noises in movies, TV programs, TV and radio announcements, dubbing video advertisements, animations or infographics.

  • Creation of sound effects by sampling or synthesizing sound effects (SFX)
  • Editing and synchronization with video material
  • Mixing of multitrack audio, recorded material

Foley (FSX)

Foley Noise Track Creation is the simulation, recording, and reproduction of everyday sounds that are added to movies, videos, and other post-production materials to improve sound quality.

Recreating the realistic surroundings depicted in the film. Foley supplements or replaces sound recorded on set during filming. For example, it can be steps, street noise, birds cry.


Mixing (MXN)

Mixing is a key step that turns a set of tracks into a complete piece of music — it is art. A good mix will help bring out the best in the music — highlight the most important elements of the composition, add some surprises to delight the listener, and also, a good mix will sound decent on any equipment, from a mono radio receiver to an insane audiophile set of equipment.

  • Mixing of recorded material

Mastering (MST)

Mastering is a form of audio post-production that is the process of preparing and transferring recorded audio from a source containing the final mix of the work to a data storage device (Master) — this is the source from which all copies will be created (using methods such as audio compression, duplication or replication).

Examples of possible actions to be taken during mastering:

  • Fixing minor imperfections
  • Apply noise cancellation to eliminate clicks, dropouts, noise and hiss
  • Adjusting the width of the stereo picture
  • Equalization of the EQ range across the tracks for optimal frequency distribution.
  • Adjust the final volume level
  • Compression or expansion of dynamic range
  • Setting peak volume limits
  • Place tracks in sequential order
  • Fading out the ending of each song (if required)
  • Dithering.

Our studio performs all these types of work with high quality and at the most convenient time for you.


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