3D Scanning and Photogrammetry systems combines science and technology for creation of 3D Models from series of pictures.

Supreme Studio Photogrammetry system is capable of scanning your face with any emotion on the high level of quality for your project.

Supreme Studio 3D scanner can capture objects with accuracy up to 0.1 mm, so we can recreate any object in 3D space. 


  • Instant trigger system
  • Continuous light for shadow minimising
  • 18 Cameras for Face Photogrammetry
  • 18mp sensor on each camera


  • Up to 0.1 mm Accuracy
  • 50 to 150 DPI Texture Resolution
  • Wide range of output formats
  • 1-6 people on stage
  • Easy to use


Q: What is 3D scanning?

A: 3D scanning is the process of analyzing a real-world object with scanner to understand its shape and body color. The collected measurement data can then be used to construct digital 3D models.

Q: How does 3D scanning work?

A: Supreme Studio hand-held scanner uses data from 3 cameras and a set of sensors to measure distance to the object. All data is processed together on desktop computer or laptop to create 3D model, that can be exported to 3D modeling software like Maya, Cad, Cinema4D and more.

Q: Can you do 3D scan with your phone?

A: With modern technologies it is possible to download free application and scan the object at home. However, it will not be as precise as industrial laser based scanners.

Q: What is 3D scanning used for?

A: 3D scanning technology can be used for many applications. For example: movies, video games, virtual reality, design process, 3D photography, reverse engineering, form estimation and many more.

Q: What is Photogrammetry?

A: Photogrammetry is the science and technology combined for creation of digital 3D models through the process of recording many pictures of the object.

Q: How does Photogrammetry work?

A: Supreme Studio provides Face photogrammetry service. 18 cameras taking pictures at the same time, then images are processed with software to create best 3D model of the face.

Q: How accurate is Photogrammetry?

A: Supreme Studio offers professional Face Photogrammetry services with 0.01mm accuracy.

Q: What is Photogrammetry used for?

A: Photogrammetry technology can be used for many applications. For example: head scans, movies, video games, virtual reality, design process, 3D photography, 3D products printing, parts measurment and many more.

Q: Where is Supreme Studio located?

A: Supreme Studio is located in Bangkok, Thailand. Simply write "Supreme Studio" on Google Maps or follow the map at Contact Us page.

Q: Does Supreme Studio accepting jobs across Thailand?

A: Supreme Studio is the only all-in-one studio in Bangkok and whole Thailand. Almost every job can be done at the facilities of Supreme Studio.


    Together, we can capture your vision.