BOLT Robot by Supreme Studio

Supreme Studio presents the new Bolt High Speed Camera Robot in Thailand for professional video production work at ultra-high speeds precision camera moves. Bolt has the ability to get up to top acceleration almost instantly. The camera can go from standstill to high-speed motion and back in a fraction of a second. The Bolt High Speed Robot can literally follow falling objects and capture video content that would be impossible by any other method. Usage of cinema robotics can shorten the final production time of any movie project, music video project or marketing related work by days. Supreme Studio Bolt can also be mounted on High Speed base for high acceleration tracking moves. Width robotic workflow it will be extremely easy to get great videos quality on post production editing for social media, film, product and video marketing, corporate video and many more. 



From a standstill to full high-speed motion and back to a complete stop in fractions of a second, Supreme Studio can capture the fastest video action with absolute precision. Capable of horizontal and vertical movement speeds of up to 2 metres per second, and a 180-degrees of rotation in a 1 second, the Bolt can keep up with almost any video shoot.



  • Full compatibility with RED, ARRI and Phantom cameras
  • Camera payload up to 20kg
  • Track speed in excess of 3.5m/sec
  • Arm reach 2m
  • Max Height 3.5m
  • Lens Zoom and Focus synchronization


Rigs of Supreme Studio are programmed using Flair Motion Control software, the most advanced motion control software available. Moves for video production can be planned in 3D packages, fed into Flair and executed by our rigs. Reversely, moves programmed in Flair can be exported to 3D packages. During production phase as well as during post production video editing the bigger number of high quality shots can be obtained. For following live action or adding a handheld feel Supreme Studio have pan bars (encoded Fluid head) as well as optional resources for manual focus/zoom record and playback.


Q: What is the speed range of the video robot?

A: Supreme Studio Cinema Robot is capable of going up to 4,5 m/s. Speed of the robot depends on the video production, script and media requirements.

Q: How long can a single shot with the robot be shot?

A: There is no limitations for the single video shot by Cinema robot arm.

Q: How long does it take to create one single movement for the video?

A: There are many factors influencing Cinema robot Bolt programming. Angles of the camera, shot duration, script planning, usage of track, limits of the arm and many more must be taken into account.

Q: What types of Cameras can be used with the Bolt high speed camera robot?

A: Almost any camera can be used with the cinema robot. However, each Camera may need extra integration with the control system.

Q: Is it possible to synchronize and control the Camera with the Bolt?

A: Yes, it is possible. The best way is to synchronize the stutter of the Camera with the Bolt for precise pixel repetition of the move.

Q: Is it possible to make instant adjustments to the XR LED screen scene?

A: Yes, it is possible. The best way is to synchronize the stutter of the Camera with the Bolt for precise pixel repetition of the move.

Q: Can the Bolt be used without a track?

A: Yes, it can. Camera robot arm can operate by itself. It can also be used at limited production spaces and on location.

Q: Are there any limits for the camera robot?

A: The only limitations are physical properties of the Bolt cinebot.

Q: Is it safe to use Bolt with actors?

A: Initially, the Bolt high speed cinebot must be run in slow mode at pre-production. This allows actors and crew members to memorize information of the working video production area of the Cinebot. Moreover, Bolt cinebot has all other necessary safety measures to warn people nearby, such as: Red lights, Stop buttons and more.

Q: How many people are needed to operate Bolt?

A: Cinebot requires to be operated by the team of at least 3 professionals. Supreme Studio has the most skilled video production team to assist the projects of any complexity.

Q: How long does it take to get Bolt high speed camera robot ready?

A: In average, it may take from 1 hour to get the Bolt ready. However, at Supreme Studio the Bolt is always ready to take action in 15 minutes.

Q: How fast the Bolt moves on track?

A: The Camera robot can move on the track with speed up to 3 meters per second. Supreme Studio has 9 meter track for any video production process.

Q: Where the Bolt was made in?

A: The Bolt was made by British company Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC). MRMC is a company with 60 years of experience in cinema robotics.

Q: Can high speed camera robot do tabletop shooting?

A: Nowadays many video production studios worldwide are using highly controlled robotic environment for tabletop jobs. However, it requires specific amount of lightening and highly accurate calibration of lenses.

Q: Where is Supreme Studio located?

A: Supreme Studio is located in Bangkok, Thailand. Simply write "Supreme Studio" on Google Maps or follow the map at Contact Us page.

Q: Does Supreme Studio accepting jobs across Thailand?

A: Supreme Studio is the only all-in-one studio in Bangkok and whole Thailand. Almost every job can be done at the facilities of Supreme Studio.


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