Supreme Studio is one of the most technologically advanced video production studios in Bangkok, Thailand. Our customers often call us "home of cinema tech". At Supreme Studio we believe that magic is born when video production technology meets creativity.

Supreme Studio has the biggest XR LED wall virtual production system services in Bangkok, Thailand, which we call “Supreme XR Cave”. Our new LED wall system can completely eliminate location shoots and enormously simplify the whole work in video process. With proper script and lightning of the scene anyone can create successful video for any projects like business video, movie or information documentary, advertising, video marketing, Facebook and many more.

The latest version of Bolt high-speed camera robot allows to shoot video at angles, that are simply impossible to achieve with any other video recording methods. With such possibilities in video shooting process there will be allot of time saved on the professional post production process and editing workflow till final quality content release.

Supreme Studio is equipped with the world’s best cameras for 8k video production, such as RED Monstro, RED Helium and Phantom VEO4k. No matter day or night, video crew members will always get the best quality video product needed for social media, blog, film, advertising or any other video content. RED RAW codec gives unlimited resources for video editing team and color grading department.

Motion capture (MoCap) system of Supreme Studio allows us to come up with ideas of movements without boundaries. Supreme Studio team will always guide through pre production and production process to record the moves needed for the company project.

We all enjoy good quality TV series, movies, commercials or music videos. However, such quality can not be achieved without great sound planning. This can be done at Audio Department of Supreme Studio.

Supreme Studio is the only all-in-one video production studio in Thailand. Professionals who know us never have question “why should we come to Supreme Studio?”. They always have question “when shall we come to Supreme Studio again?” Don't hesitate to contact us, the doors of our studio are always opened for projects of any complexity.

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