Motion Capture Cameras by Supreme Studio


When you work with Supreme Studio Motion capture (MoCap) system, the team of leading motion capture experts in South-East Asia assists you. Nothing is impossible for us! It can be standard body movements or capture of full body performance with head-mounted camera. There is a 120 square meters recording arena with 24 OptiTrack PrimeX22 cameras, and we adjust as many as 56 markers for each performing artist. Motion Capture (MoCap) system delivers the cleanest and most accurate data of every single movement of performers and articulating real-time pre-rendering.
Motion Capture Cameras by Supreme Studio
Motion Capture Suit by Supreme Studio
Motion Capture Suit by Supreme Studio


Supreme Studio team is skilled and experienced in body motion capture performances of all kind of actors, stunt artists and sports persons. The actors may perform acrobatics, fight, dance or do whatever movements required for the film, game, animation, entertainment and many more.

  • 3xS, 3xM, 3xL, 2xXL suit sizes
  • 120 square meters arena
  • 12 bits per colour output
  • 1-6 people on stage
  • 22-58 markers for each person
Motion Capture Helmet by Supreme Studio


Motion Capture Helmet by Supreme Studio FACIAL MOTION CAPTURE Supreme Studio uses FaceWare Mark IV headcam technology for optical facial capture. This facial motion capture captures an actor's facial movements with the highest precision.

  • Stunning No-Distortion Optics
  • Refactured Lightning
  • Full Wireless Sytem
  • Raw HD 60fps quality
  • Software flexibility
Motion Capture Helmet by Supreme Studio
Unreal LED by Supreme Studio
Unreal LED by Supreme Studio


Live Pre-vizualization, Previz or pre-rendering is a great combination of tools for any shooting. These technological solutions can transform live performance of a motion capture actor to a digital character in a chosen virtual environment in real time. This allows the movie director to see the results instantly.

  • Extremly low (3-5 frames) delay performance preview
  • Unreal Engine software workflow


Supreme Studio also support new virtual camera system (VCS). This system allows navigating and controlling virtual environments, exploring better camera placements, angles and staging. Supreme Studios VCS is equipped with a built-in monitor and controls, which can move the camera freely within a virtual 3D environment.

  • Instant preview
  • Built-in monitor
  • Flexible rig adjustments


Q: What is the image resolution of Motion Capture (MoCap) System cameras?

A: OptiTrack Prime X22 cameras have 2.2 MP resolution, 360 FPS and 79 degrees FOW for accurate Motion capture. Motion capture systems work in infrared range to detect and process positioning of the markers in 3D space.

Q: How many people can be recorded at the same time on Motion Capture (MoCap) System?

A: There are 120 square meters of Mo-Cap area, which will be enough to record movements for a total of 5 people at the same time.

Q: Is it possible to use Motion Capture (MoCap) System in open area?

A: Yes, it is possible. However, there are many factors influencing Optitrack Motion Capture System to work properly, such as: location itself, decoration materials, outdoor or indoor environment and many more.

Q: Is Motion Capture (MoCap) System capable of tracking different types of objects?

A: Yes, it is. For example, it is possible to track movement of the ball or camera, food products or any other object with Motion capture hardware.

Q: Where is Supreme Studio located?

A: Supreme Studio is located in Bangkok, Thailand. Simply write "Supreme Studio" on Google Maps or follow the map at Contact Us page.

Q: Does Supreme Studio accepting jobs across Thailand?

A: Supreme Studio is the only all-in-one studio in Bangkok and whole Thailand. Almost every job can be done at the facilities of Supreme Studio.


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