ARRI Rental has just announced two new large-format lens series: the ARRI Rental ALFA and Moviecam lineups. The former takes the quality of the ARRI Master Anamorphic lenses one step further, while the latter leverages the sense of nostalgia by giving vintage glass a more modern look. Both series are available worldwide exclusively through ARRI Rental facilities.

ARRI Rental’s sole mission is that of providing cinema and broadcast professionals around the world with the most advanced imaging technologies available today. Among other achievements, this huge team effort resulted in the development of the ARRI Prime DNA and DNA LF large-format lenses.

However, ARRI Rental didn’t stop. Indeed, their R&D team has been working side by side with professional cinematographers to develop two new large-format lens series. So please welcome the ARRI Rental ALFA and Moviecam glass.

ARRI Rental ALFA manufacturing process
ARRI Rental ALFA manufacturing process. Source: ARRI

ARRI ALFA and Moviecam series: common features

The ARRI ALFA and Moviecam series are specifically designed for large-format cinematography. Built around the LPL-Mount system, they are compatible with the ARRI 65 and LF cameras.

The construction of these lenses relies on ARRI’s expertise. This ensures a solid build-quality with incorporated modern features, like the LDA chips for efficient data workflows.

Despite the similarities, these two lineups should provide very different imaging characteristics. So let’s take a closer look.

ARRI Rental Moviecam manufacturing process
ARRI Rental Moviecam manufacturing process. Source: ARRI

ARRI ALFA: large-format anamorphics

The ARRI ALFA series builds on the legacy of the ARRI Master Anamorphic lenses. However, added elements and optical scheme modifications create a never-seen-before look.

This series of large-format anamorphics includes 8 lenses ranging from 40 to 190mm. Most lenses in the lineup have a maximum light transmission of T2.5.

In developing the ALFA series, the ARRI Rental team didn’t work alone. In fact, essential inputs came from cinematographers Greig Fraser (ACS, ASC) and Nikolaus Summerer. They asked, the ARRI Rental team listened.

According to Fraser, the ALFA lenses provide “a nice vignette of softness around the edges but a super-sharp center”.